Honest!   We’re not just saying that because of all the Cherubs we bought to decorate.   It turns out that many centuries ago in Palermo a very short fat government official named Malvolio Cupidanno used to take his lunch on top of the local municipal building.   In his spare time between bites, he would also pelt the innocent pedestrians below with pebbles from the roof and laugh delightedly as they swatted their heads and necks, straining furiously to see the source of the invisible assault.   Legend has it that one day a young couple walking by was in the midst of a bitter argument over whether to get married.   Studdino Singolo was a bit of playboy and while he desparately wanted to bed the beautiful Valentina Virgina, he feared greatly to lose his independence.   But her constant protesting had worn him down and so finally he cleverly declared,  “I do a love you Valentina but first I givva my love to God!   If he givva me a sign from above, I willa marry you”    Of course at that moment Malvolio (who could not hear their conversation..) had prepared a pebble of rather unusually large size (he was running out of rocks), but since the boy below looked so strong and handsome he thought “he can take it!”   Well folks, the rest is legend:   The rock struck Studdino right on the head and knocked him out cold!   When he awoke the beautiful Valentina was kneeling beside him and he declared “God hassa spoken and it is as though he has sent an arrow through my heart!   Though my headda hurts awful bad too….”   Anyway the legend spread and young lovers came from miles around to walk the street in the hopes that Cupiddano would bless thier union too!

Sadly Cupidanno soon ran out of rocks and was tragically killed when the highly comprimised roof collapsed around him only weeks later.    BUT THE LEGEND LIVED ON!!!

At Rosie’s, our arrows are aiming a bit south of your chest, but it’s a short trip from a full belly to a warm heart after a meal with us.  Come join us for Valentines day where the legacy of Cupidanno lives on!!!!