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Our Trip to St. Maarten

Most of our friends know that we usually go away on a family vacation every year.  Everybody goes, Guiseppe, myself and all the kids and the occasional significant other.   This year we went to St. Maarten and it was so great I thought I’d tell you about it.

The beach at St. MaartenFirst we almost didn’t get there at all.   We missed our flight by 5 lousy minutes… So our trip started with us hanging out at the airport for a few hours… But we got there finally.   We had gone to Bermuda last year and that was great of course but crazy expensive.  St. Maarten is different and in some ways even better without feeling like you’re getting gouged everywhere.  (though you still get gouged pretty good…)   St. Martin isn’t flat like some of the other islands, it has a very hilly landscape which is picturesque as you drive around.  We had great weather and our Hotel was near the airport, a short walk to the beach. 

Honestly G and I were completely lazy this vacation.  Other than doing some swimming in the very clean and beautiful ocean, we spent most of the time totally relaxing and watching our kids carry on.  One day they rented jet ski’s and we laid on the beach while they chased each other around on those noisy contraptions until I got dizzy just watching them.

The kids also did “swimming with the dolphins” one day.  We had to take a boat to Anguilla island to do it, and go through customs again too.   But it was fun, you got to swim with and touch them (the kids not me).   I have to say though that if you ever did the dolphin swim at discovery cove in Florida, you’d have to say that they are still building up this activity.

And the food was pretty awesome everywhere.  The restaurant in the hotel was quite excellent and we ate there a couple times.   You all already heard about my adventures with Frogs Legs I think, but I also had lots of  really fresh seafood, and the langoustine’s (shrimp) in particular were some of the best I’ve had.

Anyway as summer winds down, I hope everyone had their own version of a great summer vacation.   Make sure to tell me about it next time you’re at the restaurant,  Ciao!

Rosie’s – both a restaurant and a Mom… A Daughter’s Tribute

Growing up I have always looked up to my mom in every aspect of my life. When I was younger I saw her as my super hero. Someone who wouldn’t ever let anything bad happen to me. Of course she couldn’t fly like wonder woman could, but she could cook so the flying thing wasn’t as essential…

As I have grown up and started laying out the foundation of my future starting with my education I have come to see how much more my mother has done for me. By her example I have learned to be independent and strong. And to strive to do the best I could to make her proud. I have also learned that bad things do happen and we have to learn to fight through and move on.  In the summer of 2004 when she lost her mother and I lost my grandmother I thought my super hero would never get back up.  My grandmother was like the leader of all superheros growing up. My favorite memory of her would be a tie between her laugh, her smile and her hugs. My mom  would always say how her mom was her everything, her best friend, her protector, HER SUPERHERO. So I thought since my grandmother had passed away all was lost.   But that wasn’t the case.

My parents opened up Rosie’s about 7 years ago and my grandmother’s picture sits in the main dining room. I always wondered how could she continue to go on when her entire world was just rocked?  So one day i asked her “Ma how do you do it, aren’t you sad, and aren’t you mad, we just lost grandma!”  And she answered me by saying that her mother lives in her heart along with all the memories. She then added that she always did her best and followed her dreams to make Nonna proud. She told me that her main goal in life was to make her the proudest mommy ever.  And that wasn’t going to stop just because she left this earth. So my mom rolled up her sleeves and continued to chase her dream with an angel opening up the doors for us along the way.

And that is what I admire most about my mom. So mom when ever you end up reading this I want you to know Nonna is proud of you and so are we. And thank you for being MY everything, bestfriend, protector, and SUPERHERO.

– Mariastella Inchiappa

Wine Education – A lifelong process…

NOTE: This month’s post is submitted by a special guest blogger, customer, and friend of Rosie’s with our endorsement.   A special thanks to Rich Casamento for providing us these entertaining thoughts on wine education and the Duckhorn vinyards!

Hi everyone.   I guess I wanted to start by saying that learning about wine is not an easy thing to do…

Personally, I started with Boone’s Farm Apple wine when I was 16, which I drank with a delicate and subtle Lays potato chip while hiding in the woods at the end of my street…   A not so delicate bouquet of apple, mixed with apple, and a hint of apple floated up to my nose as my friends and I nervously gulped down the bottle in a team drink.

Fast forward a few decades and I, like many of you, have mostly put the alternate fruit wines behind me and settled on the wines of only one fruit, the amazing grape.   And also like many of you, I do not consider myself a wine connoisseur, wine expert, or holder of encyclopedic wine knowledge of any kind. Still, I would say I’ve come a ways from my Boones Farm days, and have at least a basic understanding of red varietals, white varietals, and know enough not to pour a delicate Savingnon blanc as I serve my guests a hunk of blood dripping sirloin steak.

One of the chief ways I’ve managed to educate myself somewhat over the years is by attending events where people who actually understand wine and food, do all the hard work of choosing for me.   These “Wine Pairing” events give us an opportunity to experience the subtle and often exquisite taste experiences that arise out of the mixture of great wine and great food in totally unique ways.   Over the years, I have found these experiences to be amazing, delightful, unexpected, and always educational:  furthering my knowledge and giving me a nice list of my personal favorites that have made me look like a star when I do my own entertaining…

The Duckhorn Vinyards have been around since 1978, and have a solid reputation as an “exclusive” winemaking operation.   Based in Napa Valley California, the vineyard blends grapes from seven different vineyards where it grows a number of different varietals at different altitudes and in different soil conditions.   Master Winemaker Bill Nancarrow applies an artisan’s approach to winemaking, blending from almost 200 distinctive lots using taste and instinct, not formula. Wines are barrel-aged separately by vineyard lot, utilizing an extensive barrel program that sources 25 different types of oak for barrel construction.

And if you are reading this you are already familiar with the quality of the food at Rosie’s so we don’t have to tell you how perfectly these two marry up.  Working directly with the folks at Duckhorn,  Rosie’s has choosen  5 distinct courses including appetizers, entrée’s and desert to be complimented exquisitely by 5 separate wines of this amazing grower.   Whether you already know the great wines of Duckhorn, or you’re excited to come eat and learn, we hope you will join us on Sunday April 29th at 4:30 PM,  where you’ll get happy, and get educated too.

And I’m sorry, but I’m told that no Boones Farm Apple Wine will be served….

Cupid Was Italian!

Honest!   We’re not just saying that because of all the Cherubs we bought to decorate.   It turns out that many centuries ago in Palermo a very short fat government official named Malvolio Cupidanno used to take his lunch on top of the local municipal building.   In his spare time between bites, he would also pelt the innocent pedestrians below with pebbles from the roof and laugh delightedly as they swatted their heads and necks, straining furiously to see the source of the invisible assault.   Legend has it that one day a young couple walking by was in the midst of a bitter argument over whether to get married.   Studdino Singolo was a bit of playboy and while he desparately wanted to bed the beautiful Valentina Virgina, he feared greatly to lose his independence.   But her constant protesting had worn him down and so finally he cleverly declared,  “I do a love you Valentina but first I givva my love to God!   If he givva me a sign from above, I willa marry you”    Of course at that moment Malvolio (who could not hear their conversation..) had prepared a pebble of rather unusually large size (he was running out of rocks), but since the boy below looked so strong and handsome he thought “he can take it!”   Well folks, the rest is legend:   The rock struck Studdino right on the head and knocked him out cold!   When he awoke the beautiful Valentina was kneeling beside him and he declared “God hassa spoken and it is as though he has sent an arrow through my heart!   Though my headda hurts awful bad too….”   Anyway the legend spread and young lovers came from miles around to walk the street in the hopes that Cupiddano would bless thier union too!

Sadly Cupidanno soon ran out of rocks and was tragically killed when the highly comprimised roof collapsed around him only weeks later.    BUT THE LEGEND LIVED ON!!!

At Rosie’s, our arrows are aiming a bit south of your chest, but it’s a short trip from a full belly to a warm heart after a meal with us.  Come join us for Valentines day where the legacy of Cupidanno lives on!!!!

Welcome To Rosie’s Ramblings

Hello everyone and welcome to the official home of Rosie’s new blog!

Here the family and friends will be sharing our thoughts, experiences, and culinary ideas to all of our many friends and visitors. We hope to be more than just your favorite Italian Restaurant, we aim to make this a blog worth reading. So bookmark us and before you come in next time take a peek at our latest ramblings and tell us what you think! Our restaurant is nothing if not an ongoing conversation with the greater Randolph community and we hope you will find the content here interesting, informative, and entertaining.

We thank you all for the patronage that has allowed us to continue for so many years, and with your help we look forward to many, many more.

All the best,
Rosie & Guiseppe