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Frasi d’amore

As our long time customers already know, Rosie’s always makes a fuss at the restaurant over Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s day Italian Style always consists of a special menu, romantic music, and wine.

Romantic Italian RestaurantBut folks I’m here to tell you that if you want to celebrate Valentine’s day with Italian style you have to speak it, as well as eat it.

So here are some of the “frasi d’amore” that you can try out on your honey.  They may have no idea what you are saying but they’ll love the sound of it!

First of all for you single guys, the standard pick up lines sound way better in Italian.   Tell here “Dove sei stato per tutta la mia vita?”  (Where Have you been all my life?)   If that doesn’t get a smile well you’re really barking up the wrong tree.

As things progress you can tell him/her “Tue se quello/a che stavo aspettando” (“You are the one I have been waiting for”).   Then say “Sei come l’acqua nel deserto” (You are like water in the desert).   When you are done you partner should be melted into a large puddle on the floor.  If not, work on your accent.

Lovers always say “Ti amo” but for friends and family the proper phrase is “Ti voglio bene”.  But just saying “I love you” gets old so try “Ti amero finche ho vita”  (I will love you while I still have life) or for the really deep and mind blowing types try “Sei la mia anima gemella”  (You are my Soul-mate)

Or you can keep it straightforward and tell them “Sei la mia vita” (you are my life) or Sei sempre nel mio cuore” (You are always in my heart)

I hope you are inspired to try out a few frasi d’amore on your next visit to Rosie’s.  Feel free to ask me if you want any pronunciation tips, though frankly we’re Sicilian so we’ll probably ruin you with all our dialect, but you’ll get the idea.  Anyway that’s our Italian lesson for today and just remember that any way you say it, may love in some language find you this Valentine’s Day!

The 5 Best Italian Food Gifts for Christmas.

Many of my customers are scratching their heads for that last minute Italian food themed Christmas gift. I get a lot of questions about “What is the best place to get Mozzarella?” What kind of Olive Oil do we use, what type of Balsamic, etc… In the spirit of the season I thought I’d give you all a few ideas for gifts this holiday. Listen to me and maybe you won’t have to go to the mall Christmas Eve…

5. La Cucina Italiana Magazine Subscription
There are plenty of food and recipe magazines out there, but La Cucina Italiana is pretty goodt. This beautiful magazine presents authentic recipes from all around Italy, from quick weeknight meals to elaborate feasts for holiday gatherings. Learn about the cheeses and wines of Italy, visit cities small and large, hear stories from Italian farmers and artisan food producers and much more. Every issue is like a quick trip to Italy for the food lover!

4. Herb Infused Olive Oil.
This is one of those things that you see in gourmet stores but nobody ever buys for themselves. In fact a high quality virgin olive oil infused with rosemary, or fresh thyme can really change the character of a dish or a salad dressing. Whoever you give it to will have fun experimenting.

3. Panettone
Of Italy’s many types of Christmas Cakes, panettone the most famous. Originally from Milan, it’s studded with raisins and candied fruit peels. Although it’s best to get it fresh from a local baker, you can also get it online if you have to.

2. Baci Chocolates
These are so well-known in Italy, “Baci” is a common gelato flavor. And no wonder: They’re a blend of milk chocolate and ground hazelnutes (dubbed gianduia), crowned with a hazelnut and covered in dark chocolate. In other words… I’m not sure there’s a chocolate lover in the world who wouldn’t want to see this box under their tree. Unless they were allergic to nuts.

And the number one gift no home should be without this Christmas?


Really, is there anything better to say “We love you!” (-:

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Duckhorn Wine Pairing

Title: Duckhorn Wine Pairing
Location: Rosie’s Trattoria
Description: If you know wine, you know the high regard held for wines of the Duckhorn Vinyards of Napa California. Rosie’s offers you an exclusive opportunity to experience a pairing that takes you to another level of appreciation for what is possible in the marriage of wine and great food.  Five carefully selected courses paired with exquisite whites and reds from this extraordinary vineyard make for an experience you won’t soon forget.   Our guest wine expert from Duckhorn Vinyards will educate you and will provide information and commentary on the wines of this amazing grower.
Start Time: 04:30
Date: 2012-04-29

Cost:  Only $95.00pp (+tax and gratuity)

Grilled Cheese

Grilled Chicken Hero (lettuce, tomato and onion)

Chicken & Cheese