Hi everyone, hope everyone is enjoying the fall season.  I was recently encouraged to blog about one of the items on our menu that is getting a lot of attention, namely the home-made Burrata cheese appetizer that we serve as a special.  If you haven’t tried this yet and you like fresh mozzarella with a bit of smokey flavor, this may just be your cheese soulmate.

Rosies Stuffed Mozzarella Cheese AppetizerBurrata is actually a derivative of mozzarella cheese, it is essentially a fresh buffala mozzarella filled with a gooey, creamy cheese center.  Burrata in Italian literally means “buttered”, and that’s the best description for its texture.

The Burrata starts with a regular buffala mozzarella that we make at the restaurant.  While the Mozzarella is still soft it is made into a flat circle, kind of like pizza dough.  The stuffing is created by taking the warm mozzarella curd and mixing it with fresh cream then pulling it into an elastic curd with the consistency of rigotta.  This creates a stuffing of thick but spreadable strings of cream, with a slightly sour finish.  Also note that buffalo milk is richer and higher in butterfat than cow milk which doesn’t hurt when it comes to taste.

The combination when eaten together is really killer.  Because this has to be eaten fresh (within 48 hours of making it) we can’t always offer it but if you see it on our specials menu, I highly recommend you give it a try.