Most of our friends know that we usually go away on a family vacation every year.  Everybody goes, Guiseppe, myself and all the kids and the occasional significant other.   This year we went to St. Maarten and it was so great I thought I’d tell you about it.

The beach at St. MaartenFirst we almost didn’t get there at all.   We missed our flight by 5 lousy minutes… So our trip started with us hanging out at the airport for a few hours… But we got there finally.   We had gone to Bermuda last year and that was great of course but crazy expensive.  St. Maarten is different and in some ways even better without feeling like you’re getting gouged everywhere.  (though you still get gouged pretty good…)   St. Martin isn’t flat like some of the other islands, it has a very hilly landscape which is picturesque as you drive around.  We had great weather and our Hotel was near the airport, a short walk to the beach. 

Honestly G and I were completely lazy this vacation.  Other than doing some swimming in the very clean and beautiful ocean, we spent most of the time totally relaxing and watching our kids carry on.  One day they rented jet ski’s and we laid on the beach while they chased each other around on those noisy contraptions until I got dizzy just watching them.

The kids also did “swimming with the dolphins” one day.  We had to take a boat to Anguilla island to do it, and go through customs again too.   But it was fun, you got to swim with and touch them (the kids not me).   I have to say though that if you ever did the dolphin swim at discovery cove in Florida, you’d have to say that they are still building up this activity.

And the food was pretty awesome everywhere.  The restaurant in the hotel was quite excellent and we ate there a couple times.   You all already heard about my adventures with Frogs Legs I think, but I also had lots of  really fresh seafood, and the langoustine’s (shrimp) in particular were some of the best I’ve had.

Anyway as summer winds down, I hope everyone had their own version of a great summer vacation.   Make sure to tell me about it next time you’re at the restaurant,  Ciao!