Growing up I have always looked up to my mom in every aspect of my life. When I was younger I saw her as my super hero. Someone who wouldn’t ever let anything bad happen to me. Of course she couldn’t fly like wonder woman could, but she could cook so the flying thing wasn’t as essential…

As I have grown up and started laying out the foundation of my future starting with my education I have come to see how much more my mother has done for me. By her example I have learned to be independent and strong. And to strive to do the best I could to make her proud. I have also learned that bad things do happen and we have to learn to fight through and move on.  In the summer of 2004 when she lost her mother and I lost my grandmother I thought my super hero would never get back up.  My grandmother was like the leader of all superheros growing up. My favorite memory of her would be a tie between her laugh, her smile and her hugs. My mom  would always say how her mom was her everything, her best friend, her protector, HER SUPERHERO. So I thought since my grandmother had passed away all was lost.   But that wasn’t the case.

My parents opened up Rosie’s about 7 years ago and my grandmother’s picture sits in the main dining room. I always wondered how could she continue to go on when her entire world was just rocked?  So one day i asked her “Ma how do you do it, aren’t you sad, and aren’t you mad, we just lost grandma!”  And she answered me by saying that her mother lives in her heart along with all the memories. She then added that she always did her best and followed her dreams to make Nonna proud. She told me that her main goal in life was to make her the proudest mommy ever.  And that wasn’t going to stop just because she left this earth. So my mom rolled up her sleeves and continued to chase her dream with an angel opening up the doors for us along the way.

And that is what I admire most about my mom. So mom when ever you end up reading this I want you to know Nonna is proud of you and so are we. And thank you for being MY everything, bestfriend, protector, and SUPERHERO.

– Mariastella Inchiappa