San Gennaro Festival New YorkHey everybody, I know I talk about our restaurant a lot but believe it or not there is occasionally someplace else you can go to have some Italian Style fun.   This weekend is the last weekend of the San Gennaro Festival in New York city, in Little Italy.   If you’ve never been it’s really quite a lot of fun, a great outing for kids, and a great chance to experience all things Italian.

The festival of San Gennaro is actually a major Neapolitan Holiday.  They are literally celebrating Saint Gennaro, the patron saint of Naples.    Little Italy gets completely decked out for this; they have parades with rich and colorful costumes, Italian music everywhere, and street vendors selling all kinds of gifts and Italian Food.   The smells floating around Little Italy this time of year are amazing, bring your appetite.  

It’s easy to fill up on the rice balls, sausages, Zeppoli’s, and pastries they are selling in the street but if you want a nice meal, save room for one of the sit down restaurants.   Angelo’s is personal favorite of mine, or Puglia’s with its cafeteria table seating and the Opera singer who wanders around the restaurant.   And of course you’ve got to go to Ferrara’s for dessert, and an espresso.

And just in case you don’t want to make the trip into New York,  we’ve captured a bit of the San Gennaro tradition right here at Rosie’s.  We always feature our fresh homemade Zeppoli’s this time of year, as well as our famous rice balls.    We don’t have the parade yet, but we’re working on it….(-: